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Thank you for your interest in Mr. RL! 

THE STORY. Mr.RL is a brand based in Toronto and designed by, me, Reginald LeungGrowing up I was very artistically inclined but, like so many Asian coming of age stories, my parents always felt that art and design were hobbies over occupation. Of course, the lack of Asian representation pursuing anything other than medicine, engineering, and banking didn't help. It never permeated my consciousness that I, a Chinese Canadian, could ever pursue design full time and make a comfortable living from it. So I went and completed my psychology degree and did all the things my parents felt a good Asian kid should do, even though looking back I've always been rebellious when it mattered. 

Fast forward a couple of years, I graduate from OCAD and get a full-time job working at a well-known fashion magazine. I worked there until resigning a few years later. Instead of giving my talents to others, I deserved to invest it back into myself. I didn't know it then, but this revelation was the conception of Mr.RL. 

Sometimes it's hard to imagine being anything other than the stereotypes reflected back to you by society but it doesn't mean you shouldn't explore. My hope is that I can lead by example showing people that when you challenge the status quo good things can happen. This is the ethos of Mr.RL.

THE MOTTO. High end. Fair price. This is something we always strive for. Art should be available to everyone.

THE INSPIRATION + PROCESS. As a designer I believe the best ideas come from a cross pollination of shared experience, pop culture, art and humanity. I often work in both analog and digital spaces because I feel the two platforms reinforce my creative thought. I usually start every design by hybridizing a multitude of inspirations into one stream of consciousness.

The main pillars that make Mr. RL designs unique can be seen in its cool, quirk, and whimsy contemporary aesthetic. The best part is that many of the prints work in tandem should you choose to group them together on a gallery wall.

THE PRINTS. It’s my belief that quality artwork should be available to everyone at an attainable price. This is why Mr. RL is dedicated to bringing value to our customers with high-end contemporary artwork printed on quality stocks. I do my best in having the environment top of mind during every step of the design process. 

QUALITY. Much consideration went into selecting the perfect paper stock that included an economic price point, quality, and durability. The prints are produced in Toronto on thick matte paper with a smooth finish. The end result is high quality design at an exceptional price point you can be proud to hang on your wall. 

SPARK JOY. The prints come ready in standard sizes should you choose to frame them in IKEA frames. This saves you from having to spend time and money on custom framing. 

SUSTAINABILITY. All our packaging is made from 80% consumer waste and is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Wherever possible I source materials locally to further cut down on waste. 

PHOTO SHOOTS + STYLING. If you would like to use my art prints for photo shoots or other styling assignments please get in touch at with further details and I'd be happy to accomidate where possible.   

For more info about working with us or for press inquiries and hi-res images for publishing, please email