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Thank you for your interest in Mr. RL! 

THE STORY. Hello! My name is Reginald and I'm the founder and designer behind Mr. RL, which is based in Toronto. Growing up I always had an eye for the arts but like so many Asian coming of age stories, my parents always felt that art and design were hobbies over occupation. The lack of representation of Asians pursuing anything outside of stereotypical roles added to these expectations. When I got older and better aquatinted with my sense of self did I realize that I might be able to make a comfortable living from pursuing design. 

Media is a powerful thing. It's hard to imagine being anything other than the stereotypes reflected back to you in society but it doesn't mean you shouldn't explore. It's my core belief that when you challenge the status quo good things start to happen. This is the ethos of Mr.RL.

THE MOTTO. Quality at a fair price is at the heart of Mr. RL. I'm working on expanding my product line to include affordable, approachable, quality, luxury goods with an aesthetic that's not yet on the market. I feel there's still a large gap between the disposable nature of fast retail and the elite exclusivity of high end design houses. It's my mission to challenge the status quo by deconstructing these two extremes and conceiving a new emerging perspective that amalgamates the best of both worlds.

INSPIRATION + PROCESS. It's my belief that the best ideas come from a cross pollination of shared experience, pop culture, the arts and humanity. I work in both analog and digital spaces because the two platforms reinforce my creative thought. I usually start every design by hybridizing a multitude of inspirations into a single stream of consciousness.

QUALITY. Much consideration goes into selecting quality ingredients that go into producing Mr. RL products. This is always top of mind during the design process because I always want to ensure that my customer is getting the best that I can offer. 

ECO CONSCIOUS. All our packaging is made from 80% consumer waste and is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Wherever possible I source materials from local Canadian sources to further minimize waste and transport emissions. 

PHOTO SHOOTS + STYLING. If you would like to use my art prints for photo shoots or other styling assignments please get in touch at

For more info about working with us or for press inquiries and hi-res images for publishing, please email